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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do the different jar sizes mean?
    1oz -16-20 manis 2.5 tsp -7-10 manis 1 tsp -2-3 manis Sample-1 full mani...if that *Each approximate yield depends on coverage & length of nails.
  • What kind of liquids do I need?
    Base, activator, and a top coat, specifically for “dipping” – You can also get a PH prep or dehydrator to help the dip adhere to the nail better. For the gel method you will need base, top coat, and UV light.
  • What sort of accessories do I need when starting out?
    So here’s the thing – you can go WILD with accessories. What you for sure need – orange sticks (These help to push cuticles back for prep and can also be used to go around the cuticle line after dipping to clean it) and a buffer. Before you use your top coat and after activation you want to have your nail very smooth to help with that shine! Things you can get but you don’t need right away – nail drill, cuticle softener, cuticle trimmer, cuticle oil… *If you are using gel liquids, you will need a UV lamp.
  • How long will my mani last?
    Because everyone does different things with your hands we say 1-2 weeks. We know- not very specific. BUT nail prep is very important for making your manis last – as well as how rough you are with those nails!
  • What is the gel method?
    Instead of using dip liquids you can use gel liquids (gel base and gel top coat). The difference of course is the UV light. With gel liquids, you must use a UV light to cure, or harden the liquid. It is good to note, that darker pigmented dips do not cure as well as lighter pigmented dips. You can also use dips liquids for base, and a matte or glossy gel top. If you do this, you must use the gel base before apply the top coat or else your top coat will peel.
  • How do I get my top coat to SHINE
    Dippsters Step 4 (Top Coat) has a gel like shine! It is important to use SUPER thin coats of top coat, and apply evenly. Follow the instructions for that amazing shine!
  • How can I get my chunky glitter to look good?
    There are A LOT of really great how to's on youtube for this. BUT the run down is – after applying a thin base coat “lay” your finger down into the glitter instead of dipping your finger into the jar. This will help the chunky glitters start out going the right direction. You can also use a clear baggie or your finger to then further pat down the chunky glitter pieces. Once the glitter is laid flat, use a toothpick or orange stick to go around your cutitcles and to move or place individual glitter pieces where you would like them.
  • What kind of nail extensions can I use?
    There are A LOT of options here, with each varying levels of difficulty (until you learn to do them that is) You can use a full coverage nail (easiest) you can use tips, builder gel, and also polygel. With the full coverage and tips, forget the nail glue! Just use your base coat to adhere them to your nail. With both builder gel and poly gel you will need UV lights and either nail forms, or dual forms. There are various options for tips and nail extensions, each with their own level of difficulty. You can use full coverage nails (easiest), nail tips (medium difficulty), and builder gel/polygel (hardest). With full coverage nails and tips, all you need to adhere them is your dip liquids base coat. With both builder gel and polygel, you will need a UV/LED light to cure these and either nail forms or dual forms.
  • What is builder gel?
    Builder gel is a thicker viscosity gel that adds length and strength to nails. It can be worn over tips or used with nail forms.
  • How long is your shipping?
    Our shipping times are at most 3 business days from when the order is placed, excluding holidays.
  • Where is my package?
    If your order shows a tracking number has been created then your order is has been delivered to the post office for shipping. If your package is not showing any updates, please go to and fill out the "Complete a Help Request form" or "Submit a Missing Mail Search Request". Once this is done, please email us the information so we can make sure you get your items.
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